Health care facilities in Anchorage include hospitals, doctor and dental offices, medical office buildings, nursing homes etc.

Green Star Awardee Activities

  • Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center has been working with Green Star to track its energy savings. ANHC is at the tail-end of a lighting retrofit and managers participated in a Energy Star Portfolio Manager training to learn how to quantify the facility's energy-saving successes.
  • Providence Alaska Medical Center earned its Green Star Award on March 15, 2006. Al Parrish, Vice President and CEO of Providence Health Systems Alaska, accepted the Green Star Award on behalf of Providence Alaska Medical Center. The Award was presented during a tour hosted by Providence showcasing its recent pollution prevention initiatives and resulting cost savings. During the tour at Providence, Darin Hargraves, the Environmental Services manager at Providence, shared that, in working closely with Alaska Waste and other vendors, the facility achieved savings in excess of $65,800 during 2005. These savings were obtained through a variety of programs including recycling mixed paper, shredding and recycling confidential materials instead of incinerating, and reducing waste hauls through repairs and upgrades to collection equipment. Providence Hospital has implemented numerous initiatives ranging from sending medical equipment and supplies for reuse to developing countries, to recovering waste heat from the laundry to pre-heat wash water. Providence also is a "mercury-safe" facility in which most mercury sources have been eliminated.

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