Alaska Materials Exchange

The Alaska Materials Exchange (AME) is a free interactive web-based materials exchange. It is a business-to-business information clearinghouse designed to help Alaskan businesses and organizations reuse materials and find alternatives to discarding valuable materials in Alaska's landfills. Postings are free and are for materials available or materials wanted.

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"I tried to move this item through craigslist multiple times, and it was only listed here one day and found its new home. Thanks!"
-- HM, Anchorage

"We recieved walls, desk, and two chairs donated from a Green Star member who donates these refurbished items to nonprofits of his choosing! Good quality name brand items."
-- NH, Anchorage

"Someone took our old office supplies...thanks!"
-- CH, Anchorage

"As soon as the listing was placed I got a request for the item in less than 10 minutes! Your notification system works!"
-- PS, Anchorage




The AME was developed in 1994 as a partnership among the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, ARCO-Alaska, BP Exploration, Alyeska Pipeline Services, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S. EPA. The primary purpose of AME was, and still is, to move waste management away from disposal and toward reuse and conservation of raw materials. From 1994 until 2003, the AME was a quarterly printed catalog mailed to users across the State. Between its first publication in June 1994 and February 1995, more than $352,000 worth of material was exchanged. By 2002, AME had reached the $2 million mark in exchanges. In 2003, the AME was transferred to Green Star and updated to an interactive web-based system. Today you will find AME is an easy way to post or find materials. Simply click to post or view listings.



What is a materials exchange?
What materials can be exchanged?
Who can use this service?
How do I get started and how does it work?
How much will it cost?
Can I exchange items that may be designated as hazardous?

What is a materials exchange?
A materials exchange is a way for individuals or businesses to find a reuse or recycling option for items they may have but cannot use. An exchange can be a hard copy listing or an electronic system. Some exchanges focus on specific types of materials, such as building supplies, hazardous materials, or even wood wastes.

What materials can be exchanged?
The Alaska Materials Exchange accepts postings for materials typically generated by businesses, from small offices to large industrial firms. The following categories are listed:

Aviation Equipment
Construction materials
Containers/Packaging Materials
Heavy Equipment/Parts
Landscaping/Green Waste
Maritime/Commercial Fishing
Medical Equipment
Office supplies & Furniture
Oils & Greases
Paints & Coatings
Paper Products
Plastic & Rubber
Wood & Pallets









Not allowed: Listings for live animals, products whose use is illegal in the State of Alaska, sexually explicit materials or materials that contain hate/threatening language, or products that are toxic or hazardous, such as improperly stored chemicals or weapons.

Buyer beware. AME provides listing services only. Goods should be inspected fully before acceptance. Sellers should accept cash, or get adequate assurances that payment terms will be completed as agreed. Site sponsors take no responsibility for transactions or quality of goods received.

Who can use this service?
Alaskan businesses, organizations, government agencies, and schools, as well as residents of Alaska can use AME.

How do I get started and how does it work?
Simply click on "Go To AME listings" above and follow the instructions for posting your items or your needs. Anyone interested in your materials or having the materials you have requested will contact you directly.

How much will it cost?
Posting on AME is free. Occasionally, posted materials list a price. Donations to Green Star are always welcome.

Can I exchange items that may be designated as hazardous?
Green Star is not responsible for the determination of what may constitute a hazardous substance or create a hazardous situation. Please remember that you are responsible for complying with all state and federal laws regarding stockpiling/storage of a material while you are listing the materials, as well as all state and federal laws regarding proper transportation, and end use of the product once it has been delivered to the new user. Green Star reserves the right to not list a material, or to edit information provided by the listing party.


Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Anchorage sells new and used building and construction items at discounted prices. Accepts usable construction and remodeling materials for resale. Items can be donated and are tax deductible but no payments are given.

Freecycle Network is a national exchange network with individual city affiliations. Look for the Anchorage-specific page.

craigslist - Anchorage is part of a national network of want ads for almost everything, as well as chat rooms, personals etc. Link goes to Anchorage-specific page.

Anchorage Hazardous Waste Collection Center and Reuse Program has two locations where household hazardous waste can be dropped off. Businesses can bring waste to the Anchorage Regional Landfill location, while residents can access both the landfill and the Central Transfer Station site. Both locations have a Reuse Program and Materials Exchange for items such as paint, cleaners, and lawn chemicals.



Information listed on this materials exchange is supplied by the organization or individual who lists the material. Green Star makes no evaluation of the materials posted on the site. It is the responsibility of the listing organization or individual to be familiar with any legal limitations that may exist relating to the exchange or sale of the materials. Green Star reserves the right to remove listed materials as we deem appropriate.