Green Events help with recycling at special events.
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Green Star Programs

The Green Star Award

The Green Star Award is a voluntary green business certification program.  It is the original award on which the Green Star program is based. Award certification is presented to businesses, organizations, schools, and agencies that demonstrate a strong environmental and business ethic by implementing the ten Green Star Standards. These standards encourage waste reduction within several media, as well as education and outreach. Examples of standards topics include recycling, waste prevention, improved purchasing, outreach to other organizations, education of employees, reduction of toxic materials, water conservation, and energy efficiency.

In 2008, the Air Quality Award, unveiled in 2000, was combined with the Green Star Award, adding two air quality-related standards to the the award.

A specialized Schools version of the Green Star Standards are available with specific examples focusing on schools.


Site Assessments

The Site Assessment program is designed to support the Award programs by providing individual assistance to organizations. Green Star staff are available to visit enrollee facilities to identify current positive practices, potential improvements, and resources.

Green Events

Green Events is an assistance program designed to make public event recycling more accessible. The program targets recycling as well as waste prevention activities. Recycling bins are available for use and technical assisstance is provided for setting up a successful temporary recycling program.