Volunteer Opportunities at Green Star

At the heart of Green Star…is its VOLUNTEERS!


Green Star started as a volunteer effort, and remains possible only due to the support it receives from many dedicated volunteers. Thankfully, Green Star is in the hearts of many community members, and those people are at the heart of Green Star.

Green Star currently has volunteer opportunities ranging from two minutes to two years. Here is a sampling of some opportunities.

Join other Anchorage residents as a volunteer at one of Green Star's many events, such as timer giveaways, energy efficiency booths, and certified Green Events (Green Star offers free recycling bins and recycling assistance to events of all sizes and types). 

Standards Committee Member
For employees of Green Star award-certified organizations only. This is the peer-review committee that makes the decisions about whether organizations have fulfilled the Green Star standards to a high enough degree to earn Green Star Award certification.

Time Requirement:
Meets quarterly at most, in addition to occasional site visits to businesses to check their progress. Possible paid travel to the North Slope for site visits. Accepted members serve a one-year renewable term.


  • Work with a dynamic group of other Green Star members
  • Occasional lunches at awards presentations
  • Learn lots about waste reduction
  • Site visits are always interesting
  • Possible day trip to the North Slope of Alaska


In the Office
As Green Star grows and develops, there arise many projects that will help with its development. Some are very small, discreet tasks. Others are long-term integrated projects. Every piece helps Green Star achieve its ultimate vision: every business a Green Star Award-certified organization! Here is a small sample of projects.

  • Write articles for Green Star E-News
  • Make presentations on waste reduction topics at seminars
  • "Care calls" to members
  • Return phone calls
  • Write letters
  • Recruit new members
  • Technical computer support
  • Assist with mailings

There are constantly changing possibilities. Please call or e-mail the office to discuss the options. We will fit you with the kinds of duties and responsibilities that you desire.

Your employer can count your volunteer time as an in-kind contribution to Green Star and be recognized for the contribution.

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