Green Star Chapters

Many communities have chosen to adopt the Green Star® program to help their businesses save money and protect the environment. Your community could also recognize the benefits of Green Star by forming a chapter.

What is the Green Star® Program?

Green Star is an environmental program for local businesses, schools, non-profits, and government agencies. This voluntary program encourages environmental stewardship by asking organizations to educate employees, reduce waste, conserve energy, and recycle materials.

In a cooperative effort in 1990, the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, the Alaska Center for the Environment, and the Pollution Prevention Office of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation formed the Green Star program. The diversity of the partners has been the key to the program's success.

Businesses, schools, and organizations of all types and sizes enroll in the program by paying a fee based on number of employees. To achieve Green Star Award certification, an organization must meet 10 Green Star Standards. When these Standards have been implemented, the organization submits an achievement form detailing its actions.

This achievement form is reviewed by the Standards Committee and, if a site assessment was not conducted before submittal, an on-site visit is scheduled. After the on-site visit reveals that the Standards have been implemented, the Green Star Award is publicly presented to the achieving business. In Anchorage, this is typically at the weekly Chamber of Commerce luncheons.

Additional resource material and tips on how to implement each of the Standards are available from the Green Star office and web site. Workshops designed to guide businesses through the process are offered as well. These range from general orientation workshops to topics such as energy awareness, conservation, paper reduction, and purchasing recycled products.

Becoming a National Chapter

The fee for becoming a National Chapter is $1000. For this fee, the Home Office in Anchorage will provide participating national chapters with samples of Green Star program materials, and other support materials as they become available. These materials can be reproduced and used in administering the national Green Star chapter at the local level.

The Green Star program and its materials are protected under U.S. copyright laws. The name "Green Star" and the logo have been trademarked. Under these laws, the logo always must be used in its entirety, and with the correct PMS 341 Green. The program materials cannot be altered without first gaining approval from the national office, Green Star, Inc.

To enroll in the Program, or for more information on chapters, contact:

333 W. 4th Ave., Suite 310 
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

phone: (907) 278-7827
fax: (907) 279-5868
E-mail: kim at