Green Star Staff


Kim Kovol

Executive Director
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About Kim...

Kim hails originally from Southern California…and drove to Alaska nearly fifteen years ago to join her husband, who was attending UAA. With a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences, Kim has worked in a variety of fields ranging from for-profit business management to education to human and health services. Kim thrives on non-profit business management and enjoys professional learning opportunities, especially presenting her trademark administrative supervisory classes at local and national conferences.

According to her staff, Kim is “not your average greenie.” Kim promotes the belief that green living and business development is a balance that needs to fit the individual or business to ensure a strong, profitable bottom line. Customer satisfaction and interests drive numerous specific business markets and, with many green-savvy consumers on the rise, businesses must pay attention to the public’s opinion of products and services.

Kim’s husband is a scientist thus the family lives in a healthy, balanced, and practical green manner. Kim’s children love to recycle and especially enjoy the monetary benefit coming from Mom. Kim enjoys green crafting (as evidenced by her home business “Alaska Green Chick”), ice skating, skiing, hockey, football, home brewing with her husband, and “light” hiking and biking with her family.



Anne Stefanich

Technical Assistance Coordinator
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 About Anne...

Anne Stefanich is part-time Technical Assistance Coordinator.  Anne is the true meaning of "Alaska Grown." Born and raised in Anchorage, she has traveled extensively throughout the State and the North American continent, though always returning home to the last frontier.

Anne has experience with non-profits including overseeing the Challenger program for the Boys and Girls Club, getting kids out doing community service, hiking, and river rafting.

Anne is excited to be part of the Green Star team. Inspired by visits to Vancouver, BC, she has seen first-hand how business can work to protect the environment to create a better community for all.

An avid hockey player, Anne spends much of her off time at the rink (summer and winter). During the summer and fall she also can be found hiking or fishing. 


Jeanne Carlson
Web (and newsletter) Master

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(with Sky and Glacier)

About Jeanne...

Jeanne grew up in New York State in the Finger Lakes region. She earned a BS in Communications from Cornell University and an MS in Conservation Behavior from the University of Michigan. She has 25 years of experience in the environmental field, focusing on recycling and pollution prevention issues.

Jeanne lived and worked in the Anchorage area for ten years before relocating to Loudoun County, Virginia, at the end of 2009. During her decade in Alaska, she was Program Director at Green Star where she developed such initiatives as the Green Events program and Site Assessments as part of the Green Star Award benefits package.

She conducted almost 150 site assessments for member businesses over the years. She also organized electronics recycling events and developed much of Green Star’s outreach and technical assistance materials, including web content, monthly newsletters and tip sheets. Jeanne continues to assist with outreach at Green Star from afar, keeping in touch with Anchorage business issues while also offering an “outside” perspective.

While in Alaska, Jeanne enjoyed dog mushing, skijoring, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. She continues to live with eight sled dogs in Virginia, as well as five cats and her husband, and is exploring the outdoor opportunities available for northern breed dogs in the southern climate (swimming in the Potomac??).