Green Star Member Benefits

By becoming a member of the Green Star program, your business or organization may benefit in several ways:

Financial Benefits 

  • Lower energy and waste removal costs. Every year Green Star members cut costs as they implement the Green Star standards for waste reduction. For example, while following the Green Star program, the University of Alaska Anchorage reduced the amount of hazardous waste it generated and reduced annual hazardous waste disposal costs from $20,000 to $2,000.
  • Reduced environmental liabilities. When businesses comply with the Green Star standards, they protect themselves as well as the environment. For example, by replacing gasoline powered machinery with more efficient, natural gas driven equipment, Alaska Airlines prevented potential leaks from underground storage tanks, which could have resulted in serious penalties and fines, as well as seriously damage underground water supply. Green Star educates companies on appropriate disposal techniques and preventative maintenance, which can save on disposal costs.
  • Member discounts to help you acheive and maintain your Award certified status. When organizations join Green Star, they have access to an array of discounts on products and services. Members can save on everything from recycling services, lighting upgrades and green cleaning contracts to bus passes, recycled paper and bioware dishes, cups and cutlery.
Publicity and Recognition in the Community
  • Publicity for your business. Green Star works hard to promote the efforts of its members. Award winners will be announced in local press releases and through the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Also, an annual list of members is published and distributed at many Green Star functions. Members will be listed on the Green Star web site and can be linked to their business’ web site. Through these and other publicity opportunities, Green Star will promote your business and your commitment to the environment.
  • Recognition as a Green Star member. Because of Green Star’s respected reputation in business and environmental communities, its members, through association, benefit from this reputation. After earning the Green Star Award or Green Star Air Quality Award, members receive a Green Star logo sticker, which can be displayed in the business, attracting new clients and customers who recognize the Green Star name and care about the environment. Members also have permission to use the Green Star name and logo in connection with their business (e.g., business letterhead, press releases, web sites, fax cover sheets, signs, equipment).
Training and Education
  • Workshops. Green Star provides workshops and training sessions on a variety of waste reduction and energy conversation issues such as energy awareness, conservation, paper reduction, and purchasing recycled products.
  • Sharing with other members. Green Star brings members together to discuss concerns and issues regarding waste reduction, as well as share suggestions for applying the Green Star standards in various situations.
Community Well Being
  • Better health. Participation in the Green Star program will lead to better health for your employees and customers as you reduce waste and air pollution in the business setting. The community as a whole will also benefit from your participation as the life of the current landfill is extended, thereby saving taxpayers money, and natural resources are conserved and protected.
  • Sense of pride for environmental responsibility. As you participate in Green Star, you can take pride in the contribution you are making to your community as you protect the resources and beauty of Alaska.