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Welcome to Green Star!

Green Star® is a non-profit organization, based in Anchorage, Alaska, that encourages businesses to practice waste reduction, energy conservation and pollution prevention through education, technical assistance, and an award-winning voluntary "green business" certification program.


Green Star Members Invited to Co-sponsor 2014 State Fair Train Direct Service


The Alaska Railroad and Green Star invite members to consider supporting a greener way to get to the Alaska State Fair this year via "The Green Line". The railroad is increasing the number of cars providing direct service from Anchorage to the fairgrounds in Palmer, as well as upping the number of round trips to three trains per day. This will allow passenger capacity to increase from 260 per day to roughly 500 people, or 125 cars not sitting in traffic (which is an estimated savings of 5,250 gallons of fuel and $3,125 in savings on gas PER DAY for train riders).

The round-trip ticket price is just $12 per adult and $8 per child - a whopping 80% less than 2012 rates (with no increase from the 2013 rate), and in many cases less than the cost of fuel and parking to travel by car. Plus, passengers will be able to buy a ticket for a specific departure time leaving Anchorage but will not be restricted to which train to return to Anchorage.  For 2014, both fair Fridays and Labor Day are being added to the schedule increasing the number of days fair goers can ride The Green Line.  The 2013 test of this expanded direct inter-community service was successful, and the railroad anticipates that increased ridership, along with sponsorships, will make the reduced rates feasible.

Sponsorships are still available. For just $3,000, a partnering business can sponsor one (1) weekend day of Alaska Railroad Alaska State Fair Train service.  This year, businesses may co-sponsor a day together at $1,500 each (maximum of 2 businesses per day). Added bonus?  Green Star Award Certified Businesses and/or businesses currently in their award certification process can count this program participation towards their goal and recertification!

Sponsors receive:

  • Logo and sponsorship notice in print and online advertising

  • 30 tickets on any of the departing trains - a potentially great employee recognition gift, and this may be split among the trains, too!

  • One (1) banner and other materials inside train as well as have items handed out to passengers

  • Notice on sign in depot on day of sponsorship "Today's ARRC Alaska State Fair Train - The Green Line - is sponsored by:____"

The daily schedule is included at the bottom of this newsletter.  Interested companies should contact Tim Sullivan, 265-2357 (, or Stephenie Wheeler, 265-2671 (, at the Alaska Railroad's Corporate Affairs office.


Daily Train Schedule (Saturday and Sunday):

                                                DEP    ARR
1st  Trip
Anchorage - Palmer               9:00     10:30                          
Palmer - Anchorage               10:45   12:15  *Deadhead         
2nd Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               12:30   14:00                          
Palmer - Anchorage               14:30   16:00                          
3rd  Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               16:30   18:00                          
Palmer - Anchorage               18:45   20:15                          
4th Trip                                    
Anchorage - Palmer               20:30   22:00  *Deadhead
Palmer - Anchorage               22:15   23:45
Daily Train Schedule (Friday):
                                                DEP    ARR
1st  Trip
Anchorage - Palmer               12:30   14:00                         
Palmer - Anchorage               14:30   16:00  *Deadhead         
2nd Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               16:30   18:00                          
Palmer - Anchorage               18:45   20:15                          
3rd  Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               20:30   22:00  *Deadhead                       
Palmer - Anchorage               22:15   23:45                          
Daily Train Schedule (Labor Day):
                                                DEP    ARR
1st  Trip
Anchorage - Palmer               09:00   10:30                         
Palmer - Anchorage               10:45   12:15  *Deadhead         
2nd Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               12:30   14:00                          
Palmer - Anchorage               14:30   16:00                          
3rd  Trip                                               
Anchorage - Palmer               16:30   18:00  *Deadhead                       
Palmer - Anchorage               18:45   20:15